Car Camera Pro v1.4.4 Paid APK

October 14, 2019


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Car Camera Pro v1.4.4 Paid Full APK Do you long for a dashboard camara which you would treat as a “black box” ? Possibly you might want to record a long voyages while catching both video and gps area information? Or then again perhaps you might want to make a short timelapse recordings from your long outings? In the event that at any rate once your answer was truly, this application is for you.
With Car Camera you’ll dispose of the issue of purchasing costly dashboard cameras. The application will clearly amaze you with the uniqueness of its highlights. Just for a small amount of a standard dashboard camera cost.
Look at it without anyone else!
Key highlights:
– control the application peaceful with basic and clean UI,
– change propelled recording parameters like goals, whitebalance, self-adjust, outlines every second,
– catch both video and gps areas information of your adventure,
– catch time pass recordings (recorded video looks like quick sent for example 30 minutes of account fits into 10 minutes of yield video),
– see your caught course in realtime with implanted Google Maps,
– keep recording in foundation enabling you to utilize your cell phone ordinarily for example route or web perusing (works best on Android 5+ renditions),
– watch your chronicles and pursue your area on Google Maps– deal with your chronicles with inherent program.
Keep in mind! The application won’t quit creating and living up to your desires.
A few abilities can be constrained by your gadget’s camera driver or introduced Android adaptation.
Charging your gadget while performing an excessive number of assignments simultaneously isn’t exhorted.
  • added informational dialog about free version of Car Camera,
  • fixed issues detected in Settings that might cause errors,
  • small fixes,
  • updated libraries.


Car Camera Pro v1.4.4 Paid  APK

Car Camera Pro v1.4.4 Paid  APK

(File Size: 3.9MB)

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