Pear Launcher 2.0 android + Key for Apk

September 28, 2019
Pear Launcher 2.0 android + Key for Apk


Borealis – Icon Pack v1.61.0 [Patched] APK

Pear Launcher is a Personalization Game for android
download last version of Pear Launcher Apk + Key for android from DIFFAPK with direct link
• Folders in app drawer.
• Choose your drawer style (vertical, paged, sections).
• Swipe up actions for shortcuts.
• Google now integration with Pear now companion. Option to show it as overlay also.
• Customisable desktop. choose your indicators style, grid size, icon labels customization, lock desktop, top shadow, scroll wallpaper and margin.
• Drawer Customisations Card background grid size, sort mode(alphabetical or install time), show search bar, predicted apps, accent color ,direct scroll , Pull dock to open and much more.
• Dock . You can enable labels for dock, change number of icons , disable dock change its background.
• Hide your apps.
• App shortcuts backport
• Customise the layout of folders, colors of preview, background ,labels, folder opening animation
• Support for per folder smart folders(Swipe to open, click to open first app). Smart folders are shown with a badge. Added option in settings for auto smart folders which can be used to create every new folder as smart folder.
• Icon Packs – Find thousands of icon packs for Pear Launcher on the Play Store.
• Night mode
• Icon normalization
• Blur
• Option to show searchbar in dock (above or below dock)
• Animated clock icon
• Change font style, hide notification bar, change its color , change app opening animation , orientation.
• Backup & Restore – Backup & Restore allows you to backup your layout and pear settings
• Gestures – Swipe up , swipe down , double tap,. swipe to right on first page, swipe to left on last page button actions choose what to do when you press home on default screen or on any screen
This app asks to become device administrator, this is needed to lock the phone (using Pear Launcher’s gestures or pear action).
You can unlock following features by purchasing Pear Launcher Pro
To have more than 10 apps in drawer folders
Badges customisations
Change badge style (dots or count)
Change badge position
Extract badge color from app icon
Swipe up two fingers, Swipe down two fingers
Proximity and shake gestures


Pear Launcher 2.0 android + Key for Apk

Pear Launcher 2.0 android + Key for Apk

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