SailFish VPN Pro – Free Unlimited & Secure VPN Proxy v3.0.0 [Mod] APK

July 23, 2019

SailFish VPN Pro – Free Unlimited & Secure VPN Proxy v3.0.0 [Mod] APK


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SailFish VPN Pro is a 💯 free, secure, faster, smooth, stable, unlimited and super easy to use Virtual Private Network service provider. It is a must-have app for top vpn proxy 2019 to unblock censored websites and apps, protect public Wi-Fi safety and encrypt personal online data.
No username, No password, No resignation, No credit card required, No data limitation. It’s just a pure FREE VPN app with decent speed and multi-servers across the world.
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ SailFish VPN Pro – Key Features:
⚡ Speed – High Speed Proxy Service
SailFish offers you a tons of proxy servers. Due to our smart algorithm, it is always able to pick up the fastest server for you. With worldwide located services, you can enjoy your favorite websites and apps whenever, wherever.
⚡ FREE VPN & Unlimited Secure Data
💯 unlimited free VPN proxy! No credit card information needed. No trials offered. Truly unlimited data. No session, speed and bandwidth limitation. Totally FREE!
⚡ Simple & Pure VPN – User Friendly
One tap to connect to VPN proxy servers from all over the world, including USA, UK, Canada, Japan, Netherlands, India, Germany, Singapore, Australia, France, Switzerland, Hong Kong and more. No extra unnecessary features. Just a clean & pure VPN app that offers you a better Internet experience.
⚡ Proxy VPN – Visit Blocked Sites and Apps
Over thousands of servers located across the world, you can access any sites or apps without any barriers. Play games, watch 1080 HD videos, browse websites and search better deals, with SailFish everything will be easier.
⚡ Security – Protect Privacy and Secure VPN
NO LOGS! That means, that you’re absolutely anonymous and protected while using our app. Protect your network traffic under public WiFi hotspot, browse anonymously and securely without being tracked. Protect privacy, personal info security, secure network and Internet security while SailFish VPN is on.
⚡ Stability – Stable & Smooth VPN
Due to our partnership with VPN proxy providers and our own tech advantages, SailFish is able to provide you a faster, securer and more stable service. Constantly offering you a world-class VPN connection service is the reason why we are still here.
⚡ FREE International Advanced Secure VPN Servers
Fast, premium and quality VPN servers are being provided from all over the world, including USA, UK, Canada, Japan, Germany, India, Netherlands, Singapore and more.
Bypass the firewalls as school free VPN proxy for school wifi and school computer.
Unblock websites with free super VPN proxy server. It can also unblock video not available in your country.
Protect your network traffic under WiFi hotspot Browse anonymously and securely without being tracked. Enjoy private browsing.
If you have any questions, please contact us at  We really wanna help you out and establish a better VPN app for you. So we look forward to hearing from you.
Copyright © 2019 SailFish Network Studio. All Rights Reserved.


Thanks for choosing SailFish VPN. We're glad to announce these updates:
Provide more powerful and faster servers.
Solve the bug that instagram images can't be brushed out.


Ads removed / disabled
Removed metrics and analytics
Removed debug information.


SailFish VPN Pro – Free Unlimited & Secure VPN Proxy v3.0.0 [Mod] APK

SailFish VPN Pro – Free Unlimited & Secure VPN Proxy v3.0.0 [Mod] APK

SailFish VPN Pro – Free Unlimited & Secure VPN Proxy v3.0.0 [Mod] APK

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