PopArt Style v1.2.6 [Ad Free] APK

July 31, 2019
PopArt Style v1.2.6 [Ad Free] APK


Simple Social Pro v8.9.1 [Patched] Apk

PopArt Style will make any object or a piece of architecture in a cartoon-like, colorful style. Create a popart picture of friends, beloved cats or dogs. Experiment and develop your imagination in the universe of Andy Warhol. Only creative ideas, only hardcore!
In order to make a pop art image in a minimum number of clicks (3+), it would be enough to use Warhol and PopArt options.
PopArt and Warhol options:
🎨 The image processing technology Warhol adapts to your photo;
🎨 67 ready-made color solutions for the portrait, 50 of which change every time you visit the application.
🎨 2-5 color popart portraits with brightness and contrast editing functions.
🎨 Adjust the saturation of the Warhol filter from the gallery photos to colorful pictures in the pop art style. This option will be useful to young artists and those who are making pop art portraits for sale.
🎨 Change the colors that make up the picture in the PopArt menu : choose any color your smartphone screen can support.
🎨 Adjust the sharpness of the Pop Art pattern. Maximum sharpness is well suited for architecture and animals, whereas smooth lines – for portraits.
🎨 The color scheme of Obama Hope
Using the Add filter option you can add textures and filters to your pop art.
Textures and filters:
✨ 51 designer filters like watercolor, geometry, nature or abstraction
✨ Flags of all countries of the planet Earth
✨ 22 modes of applying each filter on the photo
✨ Regulation of the intensity and scalability of filters and textures.
✨ Ability to apply texture to certain colors (PopArt option)
✨ Use 50/50 option to combine the popart image with the original photo
✨ Try space filters, especially in the ImageArt section
✨ Now you can use ANY of your photo or picture from the gallery as a filter!
Pop art – collage:
🔥 45 color combinations for popart-collage of 4 pictures
Speed, security, features:
✔️ We are proud of the speed of processing photos in real time.
✔️ Ability to save the image in HD and print it of the same quality as the original one!
✔️ Processed and saved photos are stored in your phone only.
✔️ Share your art works in social networks and instant messengers, using the “share” option.
📸 Choose an image to be processed from the gallery or take a selfie in the application itself;)
We tried to make the app user-friendly, but there is always a room for perfection. Therefore, we are open 24/7 for your advice on how to improve our product. We will be glad to see your work in the instagram using hashtag #popartstyleworld.


- Move Winter filters back!
- Fixed some issues!


Ads removed


PopArt Style v1.2.6 [Ad Free] APK

PopArt Style v1.2.6 [Ad Free] APK

PopArt Style v1.2.6 [Ad Free] APK

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