Plus Messenger Telegram+ v5.9.0.1 Mod APK

August 05, 2019

Plus Messenger (Telegram Plus) v5.7.1.2 [Mod Lite] APK


VSCO Cam v123 [Unlocked] APK

Plus Messenger Telegram+ v5.9.0.1 Mod APK Also Messenger is an UNOFFICIAL informing application that uses Telegram’s API
Also Messenger adds some additional highlights to official Telegram application:
+ THEMING: Change hues and sizes of numerous articles as writings, symbols, headers… and make your very own topic.
Spare your topic and offer it effectively with your companions.
Apply topics shared by different clients
+ MEDIA: Audio records can be shared effectively from Chat Screen
+ PRIVACY: Mobile number can be avoided Menu Drawer and Settings menu
+ SOCIAL: Join our G+ people group to report bugs, share thoughts, connect with different Plus Messenger clients…
+ MORE: Show sender’s name on pictures, recordings and archives.
Forward messages without citing (because of fduraibi)
Languages: en, ru, uk
Platforms: arm7 +, x86 +
Deep graphics optimization, duplicates deleted
The theme Coffee (visible in the Settings) and some other themes of the Telegraph
Manifest is optimized
The modification is untied from Google Services
Reduced the minimum api for installation to 14 (little help anyone)
Blocked analytics collection, carefully
Renamed everywhere in Telegram +
Original icon and notification icon (from the official client)
Maps, addresses and location work
Compression: Ultra + Zipalign
Signature changed
  • Fixed a bug with favorites that were not saved.
  • An option to delete a cached file has been added (automatic download must be turned off).
  • Added button for copying or sharing a sticker link when adding or removing stickers.
  • The limit of your favorite stickers has increased to 20 (only locally, the server limit is 5).
  • Option to delete the last sticker.
  • Small fixes and improvements.


Plus Messenger Telegram+ v5.9.0.1 Mod APK

Plus Messenger Telegram+ v5.9.0.1 Mod APK

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